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Invoice Reminder Text

Why Use Text Messages for Invoice Reminders?

Your customers are far more likely to receive and read them, and fast!

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes.

Let’s face it. If you need to send reminders about invoices to make sure they get paid, then your customer probably needs reminders and often. Text messages can potentially be viewed as a more aggressive and personal reminder, but sometimes they are necessary.

Example Invoice Reminder Texts

Here are some examples of invoice reminder text messages you can send to customers and clients:

  1. Hi [INSERT NAME], this a reminder that your invoice is due in [NUMBER OF DAYS]. Please pay via this link: [YOUR PAYMENT LINK].
  2. [INSERT NAME], your payment to [YOUR COMPANY NAME] is past due. Please pay now to avoid a late fee.
  3. This is a friendly remind that your invoice from [YOUR COMPANY NAME] has not been paid.

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