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Salon Appointment Reminder Service

Send, schedule, and manage SMS salon reminder texts. 

Automate Salon Appointment Reminders

Text Reminder App makes salon appointment reminders easy and fun. Quickly and easily send and automate reminders to make sure you're customers never miss an appointment.

Use Text Reminder App to send friendly haircut and other salon reminders.

Salon Features & Uses:

  • Send and schedule text messages based on your customers' scheduled appointments. 
  • Automatically follow-up after scheduled appointments to ask for reviews or to thank customers.
  • Mass text customers that don't have an appointment already scheduled or haven't scheduled an appointment in a while.

Salon Appointment Reminder Resources

Salon Appointment Reminder Text Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use text reminder app for free?

Yes. However, there are some limitations to the number of texts per month you can send.

Why are text reminders great for salons to you use?

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received. Text messages are your best channel for appointment reminders because they have a low chance of being missed by the recipient.

Can I bulk send text messages?

Yes. If you have a premium account you can bulk or mass send text message appointment reminders to your patients.